The region at a glance

The Regional Planning Association acts as a bridge between state and communal (local) planning interests. The regional plan will be instrumental in establishing planning security for communities and planning boards. This plan will aide both private and public companies make important project decisions and help with investment portfolios. The regional plan will provide for the rational transaction of important projects.The association takes part in the preparation and goal setting along with federal/state planning from public authorities. It informs and advises the building supervisory boards and other public agencies about the requirements of regional and state planning. The association gives an opinion on important planning and space use arrangements decisions in that area. A fundamental base for the future spatial development is the preparation of the regional plan and the brown coal mining site plans. These plans and the redevelopment framework plans are the regional planning base for coal mining and later redevelopment of surface mining. The redevelopment framework plan informs about the future use of a shut down surface mine. The regional plan describes the space and factual principles and regulations of regional planning for the area. Therefore the regional plan is the binding scope for the spatial arrangement and development in the planning area.

An upper center of the region is missing. The towns Bautzen, Görlitz and Hoyerswerda constitute a city compound known as "Oberzentraler Städteverbund".

The association was founded on September 25, 1992 in Bautzen and is responsible for regional planning.The association is composed of the main assembly made up of district presidents and councillors.

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